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Upcoming Events

Sun. 1pm-4pm July 27, 2003.
LHA Lakeshore Cleanup. Association meeting follows. Snacks & water provided. Nonmembers welcome.

Sat.-Sun. Sept. 6-7, 2003
Rockbend Folk Festival.
Volunteers needed for the LHA information booth. Volunteer time for both days. Contact Julie DePuis at 931-1066.

LHA Concerns

July 2003. City stormwater detention basin pours regularly into Lake Hallett.

June 2003. With a death count near 200 a late June fish kill disturbs the LHA.

Associaton Dues

Yearly memberships are due!
Members or new members please donate $5.00 to:

Lake Hallett Association
302 St. Julien St.
St. Peter, MN 56082

Free Music

Free music courtesy City Mouse
Moonlight Baby
Children Go Where I Send Thee
Smile All Over
Moonlight Baby w/Symphony Orchesta.

More about City Mouse...

LHA 4th of July

Fourth of July fireworks explode above and reflect into scenic Lake Hallett.

Newsletter Contents
Summer 2003

  • Lake Hallett On-line!
  • Immediate... Problems
  • Nature at Lake Hallett
  • What’s Been Happening?
  • Community Education
  • Recent Accomplishments
  • Volunteers Needed
  • CLMP
  • Community Education
  • Access to Lake Hallett
  • Future City Plans
  • Upcoming Events
  • Anybody OUT THERE?

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    Lake Hallett Association Newsletter

    Summer 2003

    Check the upcoming events to see whats happening with the LHA. If you need more information, would like to volunteer or want to join the LHA contact the Lake Hallett Association President.

    Lake Hallett On-line!

    Major improvements have been occurring on our website thanks to new member and Webmaster extraordinaire Kevin Petry. Kudos to Jon Smithers at Better Micro Solutions for hosting this site and giving Kevin a foundation to build on and to Leif Olmanson for starting the whole thing. Several videos have been added and the depth map supplied by the Gustavus Adolphus Geography Department is now available. We are currently working on having all pertinent newspaper articles, various letters and documents available for your perusal on-line. We have been struggling to protect this lake for five years now and have a lot of information and correspondences so please bear with us as we work on this project.

    Immediate Concerns Indicate Continuing Problems

    Even if we can educate the City Council to accept that the urban storm water they are dumping into Lake Hallett is polluting it and they divert it today the presence of scum and algae on the lake will continue to get worse for many years before it gets better because of the current build up of phosphorous.

    • March 2003: Lake Hallett suffered from a serious algae bloom covering the lake with bright green algae right after ice-out this year.
    • April, May 2003: Algae blooms continue to hinder the recreational enjoyment of this lake varying in color from brown to blue.
    • June 2003: Over 100 dead sunfish are counted along the shoreline on June 17. By June 20th the count is almost 200. The DNR speculates the most likely cause is a bacterial infection that will clear up in time. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of gallons of storm water pour out of the sewer directly into Lake Hallett as the basin is worked on.
    • July 2003: For the first few days the lake was crystal clear and beautiful with a secchi reading of 16 feet. By July 11 the secchi reading had dropped to 6 feet as the detention basin poured into the lake.

    Nature at Lake Hallett

    Spring has abounded with wildlife sightings at Lake Hallett. Turtles and leopard frogs have emerged from the lake. A Virginia rail, blue herons, kingfishers, green herons, red-headed woodpeckers, rose-breasted grosbeaks, Canada geese, Baltimore orioles, goldfinches, mourning doves, and hawks are regularly sighted at Lake Hallett. As we approach summer the wildflowers are also emerging around the lake. Columbine, hoary alyssum, dame’s rocket, vetch, catnip, white, red and yellow clover, and many others we could use help identifying! It is truly an urban oasis, in stark contrast to the surrounding development.

    What’s Been Happening?

    The LHA remains a staunch advocate for protection of Lake Hallett for future generations. The ongoing use of the lake for stormwater runoff is polluting our lake. Our proposal is simple: stop using Lake Hallett as a storm detention basin. Reroute the stormwater away from the lake and into the existing storm sewer that empties between the lanes of Hwy. 169 directly east of the lake. The St. Peter City Council so far has refused to even consider rerouting of the stormwater and claim they are not convinced that the stormwater is causing any problems. We strongly disagree. Our observations indicate that algae levels have increased tremendously in the last few years, and unless something is done soon, Lake Hallett will become another of Minnesota’s unswimmable lakes. Until we can divert the stormwater, the best hope for bettering the situation is to improve the detention basin ahead of Lake Hallett. Built in 2001 to comply with state law, it suffers from severe bank erosion and urgently needs fixing. After much correspondence the city has finally begun the process of reconstructing and rebuilding this basin and hopefully will finish within the next couple of months. Unfortunately the storm sewer will remain open during this project and we will continue to advocate for screens to keep the garbage and silt out of Lake Hallett.We will try to keep you posted via our website between newsletters. We will also try to publish a quarterly newsletter.

    Recent Accomplishments

    As most of you know we spent last summer cleaning over three tons of debris from the 1998 tornado out of Lake Hallett. We had over 50 volunteers and received many donations. Thanks to all who paid memberships last year and especially to those who donated extra to the cause, special thanks to LJP Enterprises, Culligan Water, Whiskey River Emporium and Hermie’s and all of our wonderful volunteers. Scuba gear was partially funded by FEMA funding through the city. Barrels that were found during our cleanup were removed in a joint effort by the Lake Hallett Association, MPCA, the Nicollet County Sheriff’s Department, the St. Peter Fire Department, and the City of St. Peter. Thank you all for your support of this project! Various phases of the cleanup projects were covered by KARE-11 ,KEYC-12 , the Mankato Free Press, and the St. Peter Herald. Please join us for the 2003 cleanup!

    Volunteers Needed

    We can always use volunteers to help keep the lakeshore clean between cleanups, to submit articles for the website and the newsletter and to call your city council representatives to let them know what you want to happen with Lake Hallett.

    Citizens’ Lake Monitoring Program (CLMP)

    2003 marks the sixth year the Lake Hallett Association continues to participate in the Citizens' Lake Monitoring Program (CLMP), sponsored by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). This involves volunteers across the state taking weekly water clarity readings with a Secchi disk and submitting them to a database. The average water clarity for lakes in this area is about three feet. Lake Hallett’s is about twelve feet, making it the cleanest lake in Southern Minnesota. This is our 5th year of participation in the Great Secchi Dip-In sponsored by Kent State University which monitors water quality across the country. Lake levels are also monitored for the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

    Community Education

    LHA President Trudi Olmanson appeared on St. Peter Public Access (SPPA) “Know Your Community”. Trudi discussed Lake Hallett issues, concerns and history with host Bob Wettergren. This video and others are now on our website. In addintion SPPA Channel 7 recently broadcast a feature about Lake Hallett on “SPPA Connections”. The broadcast will be digitized and uploaded to the website. Please check the website for new things.

    Access to Lake Hallett

    The City provides no public access to Lake Hallett. Last year we were told if you entered on city property (behind Onan) you were OK as this is considered public land. This year we are told by the St. Peter City Police Department that the city has put up “no trespassing” signs and is allowing no access. If you drive in on the south shore you are trespassing! This property belongs to Northern Con Agg. The City only owns a 30 foot strip around the lake (excluding the property on the north shore) which is marked by the white “property boundary” signs. If you are between the lake and these signs you are on City Property. The access rules seem to change often so please call the Police Department 931-1550 or the City Administrator, Todd Prafke, 934-0663 for the latest information. There are no motors of any kind allowed on Lake Hallett.

    Future City Plans

    We have been told the city would like to do a fish kill on the lake as they feel the carp may be causing the water quality problems, not the storm water. We, of course, would not support this action and DNR representatives have stated this lake has a healthy fish population and would not be considered for such drastic actions. Here is a quote from our latest correspondence with the city about Lake Hallett and the city’s plans for it: “the City park plan includes a 5-year plan for improved access to the pond. This access may include a bituminous trail, a small children’s play area, and a DNR dock similar to the one at the Mill Pond. The DNR has also stated that they would provide a boat ramp similar to the one near the Mill Pond that leads into the Minnesota River. Exact locations for all of these have not been set, but tentative locations that have been discussed include the southwest and westerly side of the pond.”

    Upcoming Events

    • Sunday 1pm-4pm July 27, 2003.
      Lakeshore Cleanup. Snacks and water provided. Meeting to follow.
    • Saturday & Sunday September 6-7, 2003.
      Rock Bend Folk Festival. Volunteers are needed to tend the LHA information booth for an hour or so at a time both days. Please contact Julie DePuis at 931-1066.

    Is There Anybody OUT THERE?

    Yearly memberships are due! All of these funds go directly towards protection of Lake Hallett. To become a member of the Lake Hallett Association please donate $5.00 to:

    Lake Hallett Association
    302 St. Julien
    St. Peter, MN 56082

    Please include your name, address, email, web site URL and any comments with your mailed annual donation.

    For more information... Phone 507-931-6679 or Email: lakehallett@hotmail.com

    St. Peter and Lake Hallett Need YOU!



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