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Winter 2007

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 •  Sewage Spill at WWTP
 •  The Lake Future
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 •  Spring on the Lake
 •  6th Annual Cleanup
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Upcoming Events

Sun. May 6 2007. 1pm-3pm.
Spring 2007 Lakeshore Cleanup. Association meeting follows. Snacks & water provided. Public is encouraged to learn about the lake and help out.

Sat-Sun. Sept. 9 & 10 2007
TBD-Rockbend Folk Festival.
Fall 2007 volunteers needed for the LHA information booth. Volunteer time for both days.

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Newsletter Feb 2001.


Lake Hallett Association Newsletter

The Lake Hallett Association is dedicated to the protection and promotion of Lake Hallett as a recreational and aesthetic resource for the citizens of Saint Peter and the surrounding area.

Sewage Spill from Saint Peter's Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)

On March 25th 2007 30,000 gallons of partially treated sewage spilled out of the WWTP through the loading dock doors. A passerby noticed and called the police. Three pumps at the facility failed and there was no alarm system to alert authorities. The Director of St. Peter Public Works, Lew Giesking, stated there is now an alarm system in place. He estimated 15,000 gallons of sewage went into the Gault street storm detention basin. Fortunately the DNR forced the closure of the bottom storm sewer last year or it would've likely went directly into Lake Hallett. The system was leaking into the lake at the time so the LHA requested an e-coli test be taken to assure public safety. Lew Giesking stated the test was fine but we are still awaiting a copy. We have again requested that in the future the LHA be notified of any similar incidents, which could jeopardize the safety of people using the lake, so the public can be warned.

What is the future of Lake Hallett?

At this point development may be inevitable. We would like to purchase the property for a community park and protect this valuable community resource for future generations. Unfortunately the government of the City of Saint Peter does not support this idea and would like to see the property developed. So far there have not been enough interested people in this community talking to their City Council Representatives to change this stance. We can hope that the Saint Peter City Council will at the very least enforce the Minnesota State Shoreline Ordinance that requires a setback from the lake. The current City zoning allows for development right to the lakeshore. This development is slated to begin in the near future and will make it unlikely that community events such as the Polar Plunge and the Fire Departments Ice fishing Contest could continue to be held there.

Citizen's Volunteer Monitoring

Tom Hausenbauer, Kevin Petry, Paul Schwichtenberg and Trudi Olmanson have gone through the training process, completed a plan and received a $1500 grant to implement a Citizen's Volunteer Lake Monitoring Plan for the summer of 2007 to assess and monitor the water quality in Lake Hallett located in Saint Peter. The plan will determine if the city's use of the lake for storm water has impaired the water quality so as to require cleanup or remedial measures.

The Department of Natural Resources prohibited the city from using the lake for storm water retention in 2006 but the current system continues to overflow into the lake during storm events. The Lake Hallett Association plans to monitor the effects of this overflow and any impact from future development of the property surrounding the lake.

Thank You for Your Support!

We could not have come this far in our quest to protect Lake Hallett without your moral and financial support. THANK YOU! Anyone wishing to make a donation can send a check to the Lake Hallett Association, 302 Saint Julien Street, Saint Peter, MN 56082 or you can now make a payment through Paypal at www.lakehallett.com.

Spring time on Lake Hallett

There has been lots of wildlife activity on the lake including a Bald Eagle, Great Blue Heron, Green Herons, Forster's Terns, Merganser and Mallard ducks. The Secchi readings (water clarity) this Spring have been over 10 feet making Crappies, Sunfish, Large Mouth Bass and Turtles easily visible from the shore.

6th Annual Community Lakeshore Cleanup

Join us on Sunday May 6th from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm at 302 Saint Julien Street. Watch for the signs. Bags will be provided. Everyone welcome! The annual meeting will follow.

Volunteers Needed

The Lake Hallett Association is looking for volunteers to assist with the monitoring plan. Training will be provided. Please call Trudi Olmanson at 507-931-6679 or email webmaster@lakehallett.com for more information.

Lake Hallett Association
302 St. Julien St.
St. Peter MN 56082


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
-Margaret Mead


If the City of St. Peter's treatment of Lake Hallett continues the Community of St. Peter is on the verge of losing a Valuable Community Asset:
  1. Your City Council has decided this lake better serves the community as a place to dump polluted urban storm water than as a recreational resource for the community.

Heavy stormwater flow into Lake Hallett
This picture taken February 13th 2005 clearly shows polluted storm water pouring into Lake Hallett.


  1. Your City Council did not purchase property for a park in this area. The property purchased by the City was to allow for the addition of more polluted storm water into Lake Hallett and to build the WasteWater Treatment Plant.
  2. Although there has been talk of purchasing additional property in the Lake Hallett area for decades, an option has now been signed to sell all the remaining property to a large development company.
  3. The only City-owned property is the 30-foot wide buffer zone along part of the shoreline. This is slated for a 1/2-mile long 8 to 12-foot wide gravel road for walking, biking and City vehicles. This leaves little room for trees, a beach, picnic areas, playground equipment, parking or restrooms. This also violates Best Management Practices (BMPs) and Minnesota State Shoreland Management Standards.
  4. There is no drive in public access or any plans for one. This means no public boat access. Without this public access the Department of Natural Resources will not stock the lake or put in a handicapped accessible dock. The only public access will be the parking lot of the WasteWater Treatment Plant.


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