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Spring 2006

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Upcoming Events

Sat. May TBA, 2006. 1pm-4pm.
Spring 2006 Lakeshore Cleanup. Association meeting follows. Snacks & water provided. Public is encouraged to help out.

Comming Summer 2006. TBA.
Summer 2006 Lake Dive Cleanup. Search, map and remove large or hazardous debris in Lake Hallett. Contact the Association President.

Wed-Sun. Aug. TBA 2006
Nicollet Country Fair.
Fall 2006 volunteers needed for the LHA information booth. Volunteer time for the entire event.

Sat-Sun. Sept. TBA 2006
Rockbend Folk Festival.
Fall 2006 volunteers needed for the LHA information booth. Volunteer time for both days.

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St Peter Chamber Of Commerce

sponsors the 1st Annual

Lake Hallett Ice Fishing Contest

Febuary 18, 2006

A Great Success for the Community & the Lake!

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Associaton Dues

Membership has changed!
For snail mail information from LHA please donate $10.00 to:

Lake Hallett Association
302 St. Julien St.
St. Peter, MN 56082

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Newsletter Feb 2001.


Lake Hallett Association Newsletter

The Lake Hallett Association is dedicated to the protection and promotion of Lake Hallett as a recreational and aesthetic resource for the citizens of Saint Peter and the surrounding area.

Picture 1st Annual Minnesota Carp Classic - Starts Friday May 5th at 3pm, Ends Sunday May 7th at 5pm.  

Click here for some tasty carp recipes.

The Lake Hallett Association presents the
1st Annual Minnesota Carp Classic

Saint Peter, Minnesota

Sponsored by
Hermie's Bait, Bar & Grill
and the Saint Peter Chamber of Commerce

Starting Friday May 5th at 3pm
Ending Sunday May 7th at 5pm

1st Prize for largest carp
2nd Prize 2nd largest carp
3rd Prize 3rd largest carp
Largest number of carp

$50 cash
$25 Hermie's gift certificate
$10 Hermie's gift certificate
$50 Chamber bucks

The record carp for the
State of Minnesota is 55 lbs 5 oz.
Can you beat that record?

Try it! You'll like it!

Did you know that Carp were introduced into the state of Minnesota in the 1800's because they were (and still are) a prized game and food fish in Europe.

Preregister and pick up official rules at Hermie's Bait, Bar & Grill East Highway 99 Saint Peter. Prizes for registration while they last!

Lake Hallett Association's
Minnesota Carp Classic
Official Rules 2006


Sponsored by
Hermie's Bait, Bar & Grill
and the Saint Peter Chamber of Commerce

  • This contest is open to everyone.
  • Preregister at Hermie's on East Highway 99.
  • Respect private property. Please do not trespass. The only public access is the WasteWater Treatment plant parking lot off of Saint Julien Street. Stay between the lake and the posts and you are on public property.
  • Do not litter. Please pick up after your pets and yourselves.
  • All carp must have been caught in Lake Hallett between 3pm on Friday May 5th and 4:30pm on Sunday May 7th.
  • All carp must have been caught in a legal manner as determined by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the Saint Peter Police Department. If in doubt please contact these resources before you attempt a method.
  • To be considered in this contest you must bring your carp into Hermie's to be weighed between 4pm Friday May 5th and 5pm Sunday May 7th.
  • You are responsible for keeping yourself safe and for acting responsibly during this contest. No responsibility will be taken for your actions by any entity involved in this contest.
  • If there are any improprieties in your submissions you will be disqualified from this competition.
  • All carp must be disposed of in an appropriate manner. You may keep your carp (to smoke, bake, broil, grill, boil or make into Jerky) or you may leave it at Hermie's where we will make good use of it.
  • Have fun!


Are you interested in helping to make a community park on Lake Hallett a reality?
Do you have Suggestions? Comments? Advice?
We need help!

  • Help coordinate this project
  • Help to develop a park plan
  • Organize fund raising efforts
  • Do research on available grants and funding options
  • Write grants
  • Other ideas?

Contact: Trudi Olmanson
Phone: 507-931-6679
Mail: 302 St. Julien St., St. Peter MN 56082
Email: trudioo@hickorytech.net


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
-Margaret Mead


If the City of St. Peter's treatment of Lake Hallett continues the Community of St. Peter is on the verge of losing a Valuable Community Asset:
  • Your City Council has decided this lake better serves the community as a place to dump polluted urban storm water than as a recreational resource for the community.

This picture taken February 13th 2005 clearly shows polluted storm water pouring into Lake Hallett.


  • Your City Council did not purchase property for a park in this area. The property purchased by the City was to allow for the addition of more polluted storm water into Lake Hallett and to build the WasteWater Treatment Plant.
  • Although there has been talk of purchasing additional property in the Lake Hallett area for decades, an option has now been signed to sell all the remaining property to a large development company.
  • The only City-owned property is the 30-foot wide buffer zone along part of the shoreline. This is slated for a 1/2-mile long 8 to 12-foot wide gravel road for walking, biking and City vehicles. This leaves little room for trees, a beach, picnic areas, playground equipment, parking or restrooms. This also violates Best Management Practices (BMPs) and Minnesota State Shoreland Management Standards.
  • There is no drive in public access or any plans for one. This means no public boat access. Without this public access the Department of Natural Resources will not stock the lake or put in a handicapped accessible dock. The only public access will be the parking lot of the WasteWater Treatment Plant.


Join The Lake Hallett Association
Yearly Membership Dues $10.00

Mail to:
Lake Hallett Association
302 St. Julien St.
St. Peter, MN 56082

Questions? Call Trudi Olmanson 931-6679



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