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KRBI Radio Interview - June 2004
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Aerial photo courtesy pilot Theresa Johnson and photographer Jon Smithers.

The clear waters of Lake Hallett.

Sunset on Lake Hallett.

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    Welcome to the Lake Hallett Association
    St. Peter, MN

    Winter 2006.   Welcome to the Lake Hallett Association home page. Please read the Online Newsletter to see whats happening at Lake Hallett.

    City Council Addresses Park Issues

    Public Recreation Facilities Standards Modification. Public Works Director Giesking presented the modification to the Standards For Public Recreation Facilities, which is part of the Parks Master Plan, and which included the designation of mini-parks as requested by the City Council. Councilmember Kvamme requested the designation description be further modified to read “Mini-Parks: Used to address limited, isolated, or unique recreation needs. Between 2,500 square feet and three acres in size. Should be in a residential setting and be located on a sidewalk or trail for the purpose of providing additional green space in residential areas. The service area would be eight blocks (3,500 feet in diameter centered on the park).” In motion by Kvamme, seconded by Gover, Resolution No. 2005-181 entitled “Resolution Adopting Revisions To Standards For Public Recreation Facilities“, was introduced. Councilmember Gover also requested that the word right-of-way, which was in the document as “row”, be spelled out. Upon roll call, with all in favor, the Resolution was declared passed and adopted with the modifications suggested. A complete copy of Resolution No. 2005-181 is contained in the City Administrator’s book entitled Council Resolutions 15.Source: Minutes Of The City Council Meeting - November 28, 2005.

    Parks Master Plan Adoption - Public Works Director Giesking presented the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board recommendation for adoption of the Parks Master Plan which had been developed to address the growth areas of the City and encompassed 2,900 acres and recommended the addition of 134 acres of added parkland and up to 30 acres of mini-parks. Giesking pointed out some highlights of the plan including identifying the Hallett’s Pond area as a City park, inclusion of specialty parks including BMX, skateboard and dog parks, an additional four neighborhood parks up to 12 acres in size, an 80 acre community park/sports complex, identification of seventeen natural resource areas and a 50’ wide greenway trail system tying all the parks together In motion by Kvamme, seconded by Brinker, Resolution No. 2005-182 entitled “Resolution Adopting Parks Master Plan Update“, was introduced. Upon roll call, with all in favor, the Resolution was declared passed and adopted. A complete copy of Resolution No. 2005-182 is contained in the City Administrator’s book entitled Council Resolutions 15. Councilmember Brinker pointed out that he hoped the Council would see the Parks Master Plan as a “living, breathing document” similar to the comprehensive plan.Source: Minutes Of The City Council Meeting - November 28, 2005.

    LHA Continues Community Awareness

    Continuing our mission, this October, the Lake Hallett Association attended the St Peter City Council Debates, October 2005. The content is provided in its entirety herein as a non-commercial public media.

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    Life In The Lake Hallett

    Most people think of lake life as fish or weeds. In reality life in a lake's ecosystem begins with plankton. Plankton are tiny open-water plants, animals or bacteria. Plankton are often used as indicators of environmental and aquatic health because of their high sensitivity to environmental change and short life span. Click to learn more.

    The photos below are Zooplankton found in Lake Hallett.

    For decades children and adults have discovered the joys of
    Lake Hallett...
    fishing, swimming, boating, floating, snorkeling, SCUBA dving and exploring this jewel in the midst of the city.
    The Lake Hallett Association is working to provide this same opportunity to future generations.
    Thank you for your continued support.

    Check it out!

    Lake Hallett is on the NASA website.
    NASA site "Testing the Waters".
    Commentary and pictures of Lake Hallett on the 2nd page "Plumbing the Depths".

    Mission Statement

    The Lake Hallett Association is dedicated to the protection and promotion of Lake Hallett as an environmentally-sound recreational and aesthetic resource for the citizens of the St. Peter Area. Since Lake Hallett is one of the cleanest lakes in southern Minnesota, we believe it is better to enjoy this natural resource as it is now then to degrade it by using it for storm water treatment of St. Peter's industrial and residential runoff. It has become well understood by water resource managers that storm water from agricultural and urban areas has degraded many of our precious water resources (especially in Southern Minnesota). We believe that the citizens of St. Peter will be best served by the local governing body by diversion of the storm water away from lake Hallett. This would be the most cost effective way to maintain the current water quality of Lake Hallett for generations to come. Diversion of the treated storm water could be done relatively easily and would be much less expensive then available lake restoration and maintenance techniques that will be needed if the lake continues to be used for storm water treatment.

    Highlights from Past Projects

    Junk Dive 2002

    Barrel Dive 2002



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