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Aerial photo courtesy pilot Theresa Johnson and photographer Jon Smithers.

The clear waters of Lake Hallett.

Sunset on Lake Hallett.

Saving a Lake

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Welcome to the Lake Hallett Association
St. Peter, MN

Fall 2008 - Spring 2009.   Updated 5:14 PM 3/10/2009. Welcome to the Lake Hallett Association home page. Please read the current Online Newsletter to find out what's been happening with the Lake Hallett Association.

Star Tribune Jan 29, 2009 article Water Watchers features Lake Hallett on exihbit at The Science Museum of Minnesota. The Science Museum of Minnesota is currently hosting "Water". The Lake Hallett Association is honored to be one of eight chosen groups in the state to be showcased at this exhibit as one of Minnesota's own "water heroes". The Science Museum of Minnesota - Water - Special Exhibition Water: H2O = Life is currently on an international tour. Currently scheduled stops on the international tour include:

Gustavus students survey about Lake Hallett. A group of Gustavus students did a survey on Saint Peter resident's perceptions of Lake Hallett. Interesting points we noted are that 13 percent had never heard of the lake, only 27 percent knew there was a public access and an overwhelming 87 percent would support the City purchasing the private property where community events such as the Polar Plunge and the Fireman's Ice fishing contest are held to assure public access in the future. Look at the survey and see the results.

Lake Hallett Adopt's A Highway. September 29, 2008 the Lake Hallett Association became proud members of the Minnesota's DOT Adopt A Highway program with a 2-mile stretch on Highway 22 between St. Peter and Mankato. We wish to thank the students and staff of Minnesota New Charter School, Henderson MN for lending a hand during our 1st clean up effort.

Lake Hallett Adopt-A-Highway 2008

Lake Hallett Adopt-A-Highway 2008

Lake Hallett Monitoring Plan for Year Ended 2008. We have just completed our sampling season for the 2008 monitoring plan and are in the process of collating the data. We will be publishing the plan over the winter season. When available the plan is freely available to the public in PDF format. The plan and related collateral is publicly disclosed in our Membership Monitoring Plan page.

The 2008 Lake Hallett monitoirng plan was partially sponsored through grants from Minnesota Waters and volunteers the plan has been in effect since acceptance January 9th, 2007. The Year End Plan was updated for official publication March 21, 2008. In accordance with the monitoring plan objectives a bound copies were delivered to a list of designated users and interested parties.


Unnamed lake 52-0001 continues to be the official DNR name for Lake Hallett

Unnamed lake 52-0001 continues to be the official DNR name for Lake Hallett. The City administration will continue to insist all city staff refer to it as "Hallett's Pond." Others will continue to call it Lake Hallett. Todd Prafke, the city administrator, as spokesperson for the Saint Peter City Council, could have moved to name the lake whatever he wanted and the matter would've been settled. He chose to leave the lake name as Unnamed 52-0001.

The status of the lake as a Public Protected Waters Wetland under the care of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources remains the same. Within the state of Minnesota no individual or municipality can own a public waters.

Todd Prafke (City administrator), Russ Wille (Economic Development director) and City Council Representatives John Kvamme, Jerry Pfieffer and Kimberly Schultz were all present. It is interesting how much of a threat the term "Lake Hallett" is to the Saint Peter City Administration.

The City administration was adamant that the term "lake" not be used to refer to this body of water because it does not fit in with their future goals for the area. We are still trying to get information about what exactly these goals are. The Nicollet County board unanimously agreed to vote according to the City Administration's wishes by denying the petition.

Although, as KEYCTV reported, Commissioner James Stenson did comment "The Nicollet County Board recommended that the St. Peter City Council suggest a name since the city has assumed possession of Hallett's Pond" Commissioner Stenson and others who claim the City owns the lake are wrong. According to Minnesota State law the City of Saint Peter did not, cannot and never will be able to take possession of any public waters including Lake Hallett.

If anyone has any comments, suggestions, ideas on how the Association should proceed, please share with us!

Thank You! Trudi Olmanson, Lake Hallett Association, 302 Saint Julien Street, Saint Peter, MN 56082, 507-931-6679

Nicollet County board hearing Feb 24 2009.


For decades children and adults have discovered the joys of
Lake Hallett...
fishing, swimming, boating, floating, snorkeling, SCUBA dving and exploring this jewel in the midst of the city.
The Lake Hallett Association is working to provide this same opportunity to future generations.
Thank you for your continued support.

Check it out!

Lake Hallett is on the NASA website.
NASA site "Testing the Waters".
Commentary and pictures of Lake Hallett on the 2nd page "Plumbing the Depths".

Mission Statement

The Lake Hallett Association is dedicated to the protection and promotion of Lake Hallett as an environmentally-sound recreational and aesthetic resource for the citizens of the St. Peter Area. Since Lake Hallett is one of the cleanest lakes in southern Minnesota, we believe it is better to enjoy this natural resource as it is now then to degrade it by using it for storm water treatment of St. Peter's industrial and residential runoff. It has become well understood by water resource managers that storm water from agricultural and urban areas has degraded many of our precious water resources (especially in Southern Minnesota). We believe that the citizens of St. Peter will be best served by the local governing body by diversion of the storm water away from lake Hallett. This would be the most cost effective way to maintain the current water quality of Lake Hallett for generations to come. Diversion of the treated storm water could be done relatively easily and would be much less expensive then available lake restoration and maintenance techniques that will be needed if the lake continues to be used for storm water treatment.

Highlights from Past Projects

Junk Dive 2002
Barrel Dive 2002



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